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Pest Control Measures to Take in the Spring Time

Homeowners are likely to start spotting undesirable insects in and around their houses as we shift from the cooler wet cold weather to warmer spring months. The following are some basic actions homeowners can take to decrease their risk of pest control problems:

Bug Control Tips In the Kitchen area

– Store food in airtight containers. Open packages of pasta, rice, and baking items (i.e. flour, oatmeal, cornmeal) should be put in the freezer and frozen for 72 hours, then put in airtight containers, or gotten rid of to lower the opportunity of insects infesting the pantry.

– Constantly clean down sticky containers. Bottles of sticky substances such as syrup and other sauces or dressings ought to be wiped down with warm soapy water to decrease the chance of ant problem.

– Throw away ruined food right now. Items such as old potatoes, onions, and other veggies ought to be checked for wasting to avoid fruit fly infestation or attack from ants, crickets, earwigs, and so on

– Freeze candy and chocolate. Put remaining holiday sweet and other treats in the freezer to avoid attracting insects into your pantry.

Insect Control Tips Throughout the House Tidy your windows and doors. Thoroughly vacuum and clean window and sliding door tracks to help avoid outdoors invaders such as carpet beetles, earwigs, silverfish and spiders.

– Do not let the bed bugs bite! After house visitors leave, carefully inspect closets, drawers, and beds/sofas for bed bugs that may have unintentionally been brought in. After you take a trip, carefully clean or vacuum all travel luggage inside and out, and then store it in securely sealed plastic garbage bags.

– Store away wool and fur-trimmed clothing. Throughout warm weather condition months, wash and store away wool and fur-trimmed or -lined clothes in sealed containers or plastic bags to lower the opportunity of moth or carpet beetle activity.

– Time to organize the garage. Clean up and organize cluttered products along the perimeter walls of the garage, where rodents hide. Now is a suitable time to install shelving or storage cabinets and get all your stuff off the garage floor.

Insect Control Tips Outside the House

– Repair weather damage. Inspect all window screens and sub area vents for damage throughout recent storms in order to help reduce possible insect entry points. Inspect the roof for missing out on or harmed shingles or tiles that may permit bugs access or water damage that would contribute to pest invasion.

– Get to the gutters. Clear out all gutter and down spouts that might have gathered leaves, branches, and other particles that can provide harborage for rodents and bugs.

– Drain pipes all standing water. Browse your lawn for locations or items that might have collected rainwater – these must be drained pipes to avoid attracting mosquitoes and other rodents.

– Remove unwanted weeds. Weed development, as well as downed leaves, branches, branches, and other particles can provide a food source or harborage for a broad selection of undesirable pests, and should be frequently tidied up.

– Cut the trees. Trees offer pests and rodents access to your home, so limbs must be pruned back a minimum of four feet from the roofline. Shrubs need to also be frequently trimmed so they do not enter into contact with the structure of the house.

– Move firewood outside. All unburned fire wood should be taken outside so that insects residing below the bark do not infest the home. Firewood should be nicely stacked at least 18" off of the ground to help avoid rodent harborage and to help deter termite activity.

By following these basic steps you will significantly minimize your possibilities of having an insect control problem in the spring and summer months.

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